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Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys In Houston

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), your legal case will have two aspects:

  • You may have to fight to keep your driver’s license – an administrative matter with the Texas Department of Transportation (DMV).
  • You will face a criminal court over your alleged crime of drinking while impaired, putting other motorists at risk.

Time is of the essence for the driver’s license part of your case. You have a limited time in which to request a hearing before a DMV hearing officer. At this hearing, you can make a case to recover or keep your driver’s license. You may be allowed to keep a driver’s license with restrictions while your criminal case is pending.

At Basu Law Firm, PLLC, we act promptly to help our DUI clients keep their driving privileges if at all possible. Ideally, we should come on board as soon as possible after a client’s DUI arrest. Contact us right away if you are in this position.

About Your Criminal DUI Case

You and your defense attorney will likely have time to prepare a strong defense since court dates are often a distance away. If all goes well at your DMV hearing, you may be able to continue driving until the conclusion of your criminal case. Your defense lawyer may discover defenses for you through evidence that:

  • The police officer or highway patrol officer in your case was unjustified in stopping you to check on your sobriety.
  • The chemical (blood, breath or urine) test and/or field sobriety tests that were given to you were invalid for some reason.
  • You were not properly informed of your right to an attorney before you were given a breath, blood or urine test.

These are examples of arguments that your defense attorney may use to try to get your charges reduced or dismissed, You may also be able to improve your chances of a favorable outcome by starting treatment or therapy for alcohol dependency. Close collaboration with your defense lawyer will help determine the best way forward in your DUI/DWI case.

One Call Can Put You In Contact With The Right Defense Attorney

At Basu Law Firm, PLLC, we handle hundreds of criminal and civil law cases every year. Each client can count on personalized advocacy for whatever legal issue they face. Since our law firm takes on cases in various legal practice areas, we can help you with other legal issues such as a personal injury claim or family law case in addition to your DUI/DWI defense, if applicable.

To schedule a free consultation about your drunk driving charges, call us at 713-369-5951 or send an email. We want to keep you out of jail, help you preserve your driving privileges and help you avoid a criminal record if at all possible.