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Criminal Charges? Get A Skillful Defender Behind You.

Being accused, charged or arrested on suspicion of a crime is a frightening experience for anyone. Perhaps you do not think of yourself as a criminal. Your legal troubles are a shock, no doubt. Criminal defense needs often take people by surprise. Sometimes a car accident leads to drunk driving charges. In other cases, a simple traffic stop turns into a drug possession case. Or perhaps you have been in trouble with the law before, and now your past is catching up with you again.

No matter what circumstances led to your arrest, you need a defense attorney, without a doubt. To increase your chances of a successful outcome, get a lawyer as soon as you can. At Basu Law Firm, PLLC, you will find the personalized counsel and representation that you need. Abogada Annie, our lead attorney has more than 15 years of experience. We are defense attorneys who know the importance of customizing our approach for each client. We are ready to do that for you.

We Will Defend You As You Are Facing Misdemeanor Or Felony Charges

Your freedom and future are on the line when the criminal justice has you in its grip. You do not have time to waste if you have been charged with a crime such as the following:

Do you need immediate intervention to avoid going to jail or to help you reclaim your car that was seized in a drug bust? Our Houston-based defense lawyers are ready to tackle any challenges that you face. We truly care about your well-being, and we are confident that we can find the keys to your defense without delay.

One Call Will Get You To The Criminal Defense Counsel You Are Looking For

At Basu Law Firm, PLLC, we often help clients address more than one legal problem at a time. For example, if you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, you may worry that your child custody case will go south. We can address your family law and criminal law needs simultaneously.

We are here for you. To schedule a consultation, call 713-369-5951 or send an email inquiry, and we will respond and help you with the next steps immediately. Our goals will be to keep you out of jail, help you avoid harsh penalties and prevent the acquisition of a criminal record, if possible.

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